[Rd] --max-mem-size (PR#3562)

Duncan Murdoch dmurdoch at pair.com
Fri Jul 25 23:17:41 MEST 2003

On Fri, 25 Jul 2003 21:44:58 -0400, "kjetil brinchmann halvorsen"
<kjetil at entelnet.bo> wrote:

>Here it seems you use --max-mem-size as it was an R function, it is 
>not.  It is a command line option to the command which starts R, on 
>windows, for example Rgui. If you use an icon to start Rgui (as you 
>should), set this in the "Destino" field (sorry, that the name in 
>spanish, don't know what it is in english).

It's called "Target" in English versions of Windows.  You can edit it
by right-clicking on the icon, and choosing properties.  It shows up
on the "Shortcut" page.

Duncan Murdoch

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