[Rd] Mac OS 10 (not X11) failure to rotate symbols (PR#3602)

p.b.pynsent at bham.ac.uk p.b.pynsent at bham.ac.uk
Thu Jul 31 19:08:44 MEST 2003

In the following code the arrow symbols do not rotate with the text on 
the Mac OS window,  however the do rotate on X11 port on Mac OS.
(R version 1.71)
x <- c(0,10.)
y <- c(0,10.)
offset <- 3
centre <- 5
plot(x,y, xlim=range(x), ylim=range(y),type="n", xlab="",ylab="", 
for (i in (seq(0, 340, by=45))	)
	px <- centre + cos((i*pi)/180) * offset
	py <- centre + sin((i*pi)/180) * offset
	text(px, py,
	labels=substitute(that%->%phantom(1),list(that=i)), pos=1, col="blue", 
cex=0.7, srt=i)
	text(px, py,
	labels=substitute(that%<-%phantom(1),list(that=i)), pos=3, 
	lines(px, py, type="p", col="black") #just for reference

Many thanks.

Dr. P. B. Pynsent,
Research and Teaching Centre,
Royal Orthopaedic Hospital,
Birmingham, B31 2AP, U.K.

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