[Rd] split.AffyBatch (PR#3197)

Johannes Freudenberg johannes.freudenberg at imise.uni-leipzig.de
Thu Jun 5 18:22:55 MEST 2003

> What is this referring to?
> At a guess it is one of the BioConductor packages, for which that is not 
> the master URL.
> R-bugs is for bug reports on R, not for questions about unspecified 
> contributed packages.

Well, I guess I got confused with all the frames on your website.  Here's the
URL: http://finzi.psych.upenn.edu/R/library/affy/html/AffyBatch-class.html.  I
used your search engine and got directly to that page assuming that I was still
on the R website and not on some unspecified contributed website.

> > Version: Version 1.6.2  (2003-01-10)
> Not the current version of R, might well be the problem.

I guess...

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