[Rd] stuck tcltk scrollbars under Windows XP

Marc Schwartz mschwartz at medanalytics.com
Fri Jun 6 10:03:11 MEST 2003


>tkbind(window2, "<Return>", onOK)
># Here is the change
>Using the above code, I seem to have eliminated the scroll bar
>problem. This is the approach that I took with the tkSelectList()
>function which I sent to you during our offline exchange.
>Note that I have tkfocus() set to the scrollbar xBox and not to
>window2, which results in the mouse scroll wheel working, whereas it
>does not when the focus is set to window2.
>Lastly, by using the tkwm.deiconify(...) function window2 is raised
>obtain focus.  That was a quirk that I found by experimentation.

Quick correction:

The sentence in the paragraph above should read:

"Note that I have tkfocus() set to the **ListBox** xBox..."

Sorry for any confusion.


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