[Rd] Re: Double-clicking Darwin-Aqua R-devel

G. Sawitzki gs at statlab.uni-heidelberg.de
Fri Jun 13 13:55:03 MEST 2003

Stefano, thank you for the Darwin-Aqua R-devel.

here are first observations:

1) the application must be named exactly as distributed. Usually I 
would ad a version number, but this leads to

/Applications/RAqua.app/R.bin.app/Contents/MacOS/R: No such file or 

2) libdl.0.dylib must be installed, eg. from fink. Else you get
dyld: /Applications/RAqua.app/R.bin.app/Contents/MacOS/R.bin can't 
open library: /usr/lib/libdl.0.dylib  (No such file or directory, 
errno = 2)

3) it seems two processes are lauched, and both show up in the dock:
17562  ??  S      0:00.01 
/Applications/RAqua.app/Contents/MacOS/RAqua -psn_0_6291457 
HOME=/Users/gs SHELL=/bin/tcsh ....
17563  ??  S      0:09.72 
/Applications/RAqua.app/R.bin.app/Contents/MacOS/R.bin --gui-aqua 
PWD=/ R_HOME=/Applications/RAqua.app/R.bin.app/Contents 
R_SESSION_TMPDIR=/tmp/Rtmp17563 ....

4) The menus seem not to work any more.

I hope to try more over the weekend.


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