[Rd] Tired Of Competing With Your Referrals For Referrals ? (PR#3251)

spartacus at batuta.net spartacus at batuta.net
Sat Jun 14 01:11:02 MEST 2003

My name is James Hammond.
We've worked on previous and current projects. We've been working on a multitude of projects...paying our fees and building our downlines.
Have you noticed a big enough return for your efforts? Or, is it more of a scenario where you may see some profit, watch your downline unfold as they realise their downline isn't paying, and then be left paying a fee to another program and trying to rebuild everything.
It's happened to me and I'm sure it has happened to you. The only one's who really are making money  are the program owners, it seems.
There are a lot of good programs out there, with a lot of good program owners and administrators. It's just very difficult to keep your downlines together long enough to create some real residual wealth.
Until Now!!
A group of us, who have seen this happen too many times, have banded together to maximze the incredible compensation packages available on the Internet. 

What if  your matrix had no holes? What if the person at the  bottom of your downline had the resources to recruit and build their downlines?
We've decided to use the group resources available to us and promote a program as a team rather than compete with our referrals for new signups. Not only that, we are going to help their signups get more signups. 
We are going to build depth, to benefit our entire group!!!
Does this sound like something you'd be interested in ? If so, we are joining our first program as we speak. It is a program that allows us to build our team for free and then move to the more lucrative levels.
When you join, I'll add your name to our team rotator, and  we will start building your downline within 24 hours of signup.
Will you accept our invitation and let us help you build your downline?

Join free at:
Please do not upgrade at this time. We will upgrade when the group is ready. There is no advantage to upgrading or spending any money at this time with our team.
Click Here:

To Our Shared Success!
James L. Hammond
AutoEarnings Team

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