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Stefano Iacus jago at mclink.it
Mon Jun 16 22:13:40 MEST 2003

On Lunedì, giu 16, 2003, at 20:45 Europe/Rome, Don MacQueen wrote:

> Couple of questions...
> Thanks
> -Don
> At 10:00 AM -0700 6/16/03, Jan de Leeuw wrote:
>> Pretty soon, hopefully, the RAqua version will make the Darwin/X11
>> version unnecessary. In the meantime, for convergence, I'll modify 
>> the Gifi
>> version in various ways.
>> -- It's 1.7.1
>> -- It no longer supports gnome
>> -- It still uses Tcl/Tk for X11 (using 8.5 from CVS)
>> !!  It no longer uses anything from fink (readline and dlcompat
>>     as on Stefano's site, jpeg and png and teTeX from Gerben Wierda's
>>     i-installer, Tcl/Tk from cvs, X11 from Apple)
> Is the user expected to have separately installed any or all of these 
> various libraries, or are they included in the R distribution and 
> installed by the R installer? Or what?
> Specifically for X11, does it assume the user has separately installed 
> Apple's X11 and QuartzWM, and if so, is it in any way dependent on 
> anything unique to Apple's X11? That is, will it work if the user is 
> using XFree86/XDarwin and some (any) other window manager?
>> -- the package installer will put everything in /usr/local
>> This means that all references to /sw in configure.ac can go.
> Do you mean that at some point in the future you intend that the 
> configure.ac in the source distribution will remove all references to 
> /sw? I'm not sure this is a good idea; I think I would prefer to have 
> the option of building from sources using fink for those other things 
> (readline, jpeg, png, tetex, etc) if I want to. Otherwise I have to 
> learn how to get them from several other sites, increasing my system 
> maintenance load and making it harder to keep them up to date.
> Can you give specific and substantive reasons why fink should be 
> avoided?
> I get the impression that R for OS X is being moved away from being 
> another unix R variant (in the sense that Solaris, various Linuxes, 
> SGI, etc. are unix variants), and moved toward being a specialized 
> platform-specific version. Assuming my impression is more or less 
> correct, I'd like to understand the pros and cons of this move.
on this specific point: Darwin R will remain another unix-like build of 
R as it is now but with an additional GUI (the aqua module) and device 
(quartz). You can still build R-devel using fink.
RAqua is just a doubleclicking version of Darwin R.
Nothing will change for the developer I guess, but it will simplify the 
life to MacOS X end users.

I don't think there is the need to remove /sw from the search path at 
configure time.

The motivation of making an Aqua version of R is that I knew about 
several (lots of) people using OS X and Carbon R instead of Darwin/X11 
which is bad as Carbon R is becoming too limited (and for this reason 
no more supported starting with 1.8.0)


>>  This
>> next distribution will appear probably on wednesday. Undoubtedly
>> some packages will break, because they still use stuff from /sw,
>> but I'll fix those as we go along.
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