[Rd] Opening previous workspace in Windows (PR#2890)

Prof Brian D Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Thu May 1 17:06:07 MEST 2003

On Thu, 1 May 2003, Duncan Murdoch wrote:

> On Thu, 1 May 2003 16:17:58 +0200 (MET DST), you wrote in message
> >Full_Name: Heather Turner
> >Version: 1.7.0
> >OS: Windows 98
> >Submission from: (NULL) (
> >
> >
> >I have just upgraded to 1.7.0 from 1.4.1. Unlike 1.4.1, version 1.7.0 will not
> >open .RData files from Windows Explorer. This appears to be because there are
> >spaces in the path name as I get the error messages:

[example from "My Documents"]

> I just tried this in Win98 and it worked fine.  I can't think why it
> wouldn't be working for you.  Could you tell me the exact pathname you
> used?  Maybe it was too long or something.

It also works for me (in XP)

Could you please check the file associations. In Windows Explorer go to
`File options | File types' and look at RDATA.  The `open' command should
be something like

"c:\Program Files\R\rw1070\bin\RGui.exe" "%1"

and the behaviour you report is what I would expect if the second pair of
quotes is missing.  (If perchance it is, that tells you how to repair
this, although it would not tell us how it went wrong ....)

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