[Rd] problems with Rcmd BATCH (PR#2965)

adrian_humbert at yahoo.com adrian_humbert at yahoo.com
Fri May 9 17:33:54 MEST 2003


I have a test file that runs OK with 
> Rterm.exe --no-restore  < filename.R 

When I try 
> Rcmd BATCH filename.R 
I get the following error message:

Can't locate R/Utils.pm in @INC (@INC contains:
c:/Perl/lib c:/Perl/site/lib .) at
C:\PROGRA~1\R\rw1070/bin/BATCH line 22.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at
C:\PROGRA~1\R\rw1070/bin/BATCH line 22.

If I edit the file BATCH on line 22 and I comment out 
line 22 (use R::Utils), Rcmd BATCH works fine. 

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?  Perl is
installed, and in the path. 

Thank you, 

R Rocks!

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