[Rd] possibly bug in 'reshape' (PR#3024)

wl at eimb.ru wl at eimb.ru
Fri May 16 17:15:45 MEST 2003

Dear R-tists,

the source code of the 'reshape' function contains the following

reshapeLong <- function(data, varying, v.names = NULL, timevar,
       idvar, ids = 1:NROW(date), times, drop = NULL, new.row.names = NULL) {

I suspect the expression


is erroneous.
The 'date' variable doesn't appear anywhere else in this function.
Maybe, 'data' ?

Best regards
Wladimir Eremeev                                     mailto:wl at eimb.ru

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Space Monitoring & Ecoinformation Systems Sector, Moscow, Russia, 119071,
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