[Rd] RGui Startup Error on Win2000 (PR#3084)

Joaquin Diaz-Saiz xoaquin at worldnet.att.net
Fri May 23 11:58:20 MEST 2003

Uwe Ligges escribió:

> gzambre at ieee.org wrote:
>> Full_Name: Girish Zambre
>> Version: 1.7.0
>> OS: Win2000
>> Submission from: (NULL) (
>> I just started looking at and trying R.  The problem could be 
>> external to R, but
>> I really don't know. It reads
>> 'The instruction at "0x004412f0" referenced memory a "0x0095e40c". 
>> the memory
>> could not be "read" '
>> I get this after installing modules "waveslim.zip" and "tseries.zip" and
>> restarting.
> Dear all,
> this is the 2nd bug report on this within one or two days (the other 
> one has #3079).
> Please check
>  a) whether there is really a bug and
>  b) whether it has been reported before.
> And again two questions:
>  a) which version of *package* tseries?
>  b) what way did you install it?
> For me
>   install.packages("tseries")
> works!
> I guess you downloaded a tseries version that was compiled for R<1.7.0.
> The most recent Windows binary on CRAN ( != most recent tseries 
> version) for R-1.7.0 should be called tseries_0.9-11.zip on 
> CRAN/bin/windows/contrib/1.7  --- note the 1.7!!!
> Joaquin and Girish, does the correct binary solve your problem?
> Uwe Ligges
The version is 0.9-11 and was installed fron CRAN directly using the 
menu on R-gui, I assume that it was compiled for R 1.7.0. Also, the 
problem is not that I cannot load the package tseries, the problem is 
that R does not even start unless I use the option


at startup.

Also, I should mention that the problem arises only under Windows XP. It 
works just fine under Windows 95, Windows 98, as well as RedHat Linus 7.3.

Joaquin Diaz-Saiz

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