[Rd] Bug in R (PR#4960)

veraf at stat.sc.edu veraf at stat.sc.edu
Thu Nov 6 02:13:45 MET 2003


My name is Francisco Vera. I have a small problem with the names produced by
the function data.frame. If you run the code below, you will notice that the
names of b1 are correct except for the first variable. This problem does not
happen in the case of b2.

a1<-sapply(1:5,function(x) rmultinom(x,20,1:4/10))
a2<-sapply(2:6,function(x) rmultinom(x,20,1:4/10))

The version of R I am using is 1.8.0. My OS is Windows XP

Thanks for your reviewing and possibly fixing this bug

Francisco Vera
Department of Statistics
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208

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