[Rd] R-1.8.1 scheduled for November 21

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Sat Nov 8 15:44:37 MET 2003

On Fri, Nov 07, 2003 at 02:27:47PM +0100, Peter Dalgaard wrote:
> The release of R-1.8.1 is scheduled for Friday, November 21. 
> Automatic generation of daily alpha releases should start tomorrow
> (I'll do the first by hand later today) and switch to beta status on
> Friday, November 14.
> It would be good if package maintainers could get any planned changes
> done as soon as possible, and test their packages carefully against
> the alpha/beta releases.

FYI: Yesterday evening Debian packages of 1.8.1 alpha were uploaded which
will be available via the 'unstable' portions of the usual Debian mirrors.
As of right now, ia64, hppa, sparc, arm and powerpc have already built
packages too. I intend to do another release of '1.8.1 beta' next Friday.

Regards, Dirk

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