[Rd] RAqua with X11 TclTk

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw at stat.ucla.edu
Sat Nov 8 17:36:21 MET 2003

That's a somewhat unfortunate step back, and a rather drastic hack
to get around the eventloop problem. I make two versions of the tcltk
package, one in RAqua, one in /usr/local/lib/R/library (the X11  
I then make softlinks from all packages in  /usr/local/lib/R/library to
~/Library/RAqua/library and then remove the softlinks to the packages
that are already in RAqua (including tcltk). Now the Emacs and
terminal versions use the X11 version and RAqua uses the Aqua
version of tcltk. http://gifi.stat.ucla.edu/pub gives the deatils,  
the ~/.emacs one needs.

I have no build problems in Panther, except the problem with g77-3.4
when compiling tseries. Go back to g77-3.3 for this and you're fine.  
fixes the pty bug in Darwin, and thus R now functions fine in Carbon,
command line, and X11 Emacs using X11 graphics. See

On Nov 8, 2003, at 8:19, Stefano Iacus wrote:

> I've built a version of RAqua that uses X11 TclTk and NOT AquaTclTk.
> http://www.economia.unimi.it/R/RAquaX11.dmg   (15 MB disk image)
> The idea is that you: launch RAqua, launch X application (the X  
> Server), and from inside R type
> x11() # just tt set DISPLAY to :0.0. Eventually close this window  
> device, we don't need this.
> load(tcltk)
> quartz()
> demo(tkdensity)
> It works on my Panther machine as well and it comes with three  
> installers for: libreadline, tcltk (the X11 version) and the libxml2  
> in case you want to use the prebuilt XML package.
> Thomas Lumley has found oddities in configuring/building R on Panther  
> so I built it on Jaguar and it works as well on panther.
> I would like to propose this version of RAqua for R-1.8.1, i.e. built  
> only against X11/tcltk.
> This will allow one binary only for R that can run tcltk from Emacs or  
> phyton for example.
> Could you please test it on Jaguar and Panther before the end of the  
> next week?
> I've built this version with the following config
> ./configure --enable-R-shlib --with-blas='-framework vecLib'  
> --with-lapack --with-aqua
> Of course, I have built from sources tck and tk 8.4.4.
> If you want to do this take care to configure and build the tcl/tk  
> sources from inside the "unix" directory.
> stefano
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