[Rd] Proposal: 'global' package refactoring

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw at stat.ucla.edu
Tue Nov 25 04:45:52 MET 2003

JSS has a "code snippet" section, currently empty, with editors  
Koenker, Hornik,
Rossini and Udina. We could never decide on the format, that's why its  
I guess it could be used for "R function F that should be in package X"  
, but
from the JSS perspective it seems we must then also open the section to
C or Matlab or even IML and VB code. Opening a section of the journal  
only considers R code is a bit of a radical step, I think, although  
such a section
would be very useful to me as an R person. Given that the fact that JSS  
not have page limitations, and that I recently suggested to introduce a  
field in the MySQL database anyway, we might simply introduce the type
"certified R code" for some contributions. There will be buttons to  
contributions of a given type.

On Nov 24, 2003, at 18:43, Gregory R. Warnes wrote:

> I further recommend, that JStatSoft be used as a peer-recongnition  
> system for functions that get included in the 'standard R extension  
> packages' that result.   These will, of course, have been peer  
> reviewed! This would meet a two-fold need.  First, it would provide  
> peer recognition for code that is not suficciently substantial to  
> merit its own packaage, making it easier for new contributors to  
> participate.  (Many of the components of gregmissc actually fall into  
> this category.)  Second, it will demonstrate the *volume* of  
> contributions by individuals by the number of inclusions.  Of course,  
> there would need to be a reasonable minimum size/worth requirement to  
> be recognized in this fashon.   Smaller contributions will continue to  
> be recognized by listing the names of all contributors in a master  
> list.
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