[Rd] Adding Tk extensions to R for windows

Marsland, John John.Marsland at CommerzbankIB.com
Wed Oct 1 11:32:58 MEST 2003

I'd be interested in the detail of what you linked to to get Rpvm working on

I've had a go at this using both the source and the binaries on windows. The
problem I had was I don't have rsh only Openssh which I managed to get
working on linux (client & server) in minutes with pvm. The attraction of
MSYS was partly that it includes ssh in the DTK, since I need a wholey
open-source solution.

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> On Tuesday, September 30, 2003, at 03:42 PM, Marsland, John wrote:
> > necessary for win32 systems. I got more interested when I started 
> > thinking
> > about Rpvm and all the spare win32 boxes sitting around - 
> curently this
> > package only works for unix/linux systems. My guess is that 
> an awful 
> > lot
> > more of the R project could be made non-platform-specific if this 
> > route is
> > followed.
> FYI: Rpvm itself is fairly platform-independent. I had a quick glance 
> at rpvm on Win32 quite recently. It compiled fine, the only serious 
> problem I had was at link-time due to the fact that PVM itself has no 
> shared library that could be easily used with MinGW (talking 
> about the 
> official binary version). Rpvm needed hardly any touchups. Presumably 
> compiling PVM with MinGW should solve the issue and rpvm should work 
> almost out of the box. Actually this shows that R makes it 
> possible for 
> developers to 'accidentally' produce packages that work on 
> Windows even 
> though they were developed for unix machines ;).
> Cheers,
> Simon

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