[Rd] Configuring R to use Goto's BLAS

Douglas Bates bates at stat.wisc.edu
Sun Oct 5 23:38:06 MEST 2003

Has anyone succeeded in getting the configure script for R to use
Goto's BLAS?  This library, usually configured to be -lgoto, is an
implementation of the BLAS that can be significantly faster than
atlas.  At present it is freely available for some architectures at
However, it is not open source.  You must install it yourself and
you cannot redistribute it.

I was able to compile a version of R using -lgoto by tweaking the
Makeconf file after it was generated by configure and before running
make.  On a naive test
 mm = matrix(rnorm(1e6), nc = 1e3)
 # repeat the last call until the execution time stabilizes
I found that the execution time with -lgoto was about 80% of the
execution time for -lf77blas -latlas on this machine (Pentium 4, 512
KB L2 cache).  

One caveat, my version of atlas is somewhat out of date.

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