[Rd] Unpredictable EPS->PDF rotation (PR#4460)

Na Li nali at biostat.umn.edu
Wed Oct 8 10:11:49 MEST 2003

On 8 Oct 2003, maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch uttered the following:

> > >  When I create EPS files, they sometimes appear rotated in my LaTeX PDF
> > >  document and sometimes they don't. Two examples:
> > >  
>  It's definitely unrelated to R.
>  The "bug" is in newer versions of gs (ghostscript) which does
>  rotate plots under some circumstances by default.
>  Of course, the authors of gs consider this a feature (called
>  "AutoRotatePages"), but IMO it's been a very bad design-decision.
>  Here, we have implemented a workaround by patching the
>  "epstopdf" (shell script) (we use the version from teTeX), by
>  the following:

Another, perhaps easier fix is to define 

export GS_OPTIONS="-dAutoRotatePages=/None"

(or its equivalent in tcsh).


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