[Rd] building XML-0.95-1 on MacOS

Duncan Temple Lang duncan at research.bell-labs.com
Thu Oct 9 11:48:22 MEST 2003

Hi Sean.

  Two things. There is a new version of the XML package
now on the Omegahat web site:


That uses a different approach to dealing with errors and avoids
having to redefine the xmlParserError() routine.  As a result,
one should not need the -m flag.

Secondly, unless there are good reasons for using
libxml-1.8.*, it is preferrable to use the libxml2-2*

The configuration for this version of the XML package has been
"upgraded", but may require some assistance.  If it doesn't compile
out of the box, please set the environment variable XML_CONFIG to the
name of the xml-config or xml2-config script that provides the
relevant information. I'll fix this up in the next release.


Sean Davis wrote:
> I am trying to build the XML package on MacOS.  I am using the fink 
> installation of libxml-1.8.17.  The configuration information is:
> Configuration information:
> Libxml settings
> libxml include directory: /sw/include/gnome-xml
> libxml library directory: -L/sw/lib -lxml -lz -lz  -lxml
> libxml 2:                 no
> Compilation flags:         -I/sw/include/gnome-xml 
> -I/sw/include/gnome-xml/libxml -DLIBXML -I/sw/include/gnome-xml
> Link flags:               -L/sw/lib -lxml -lz -lz  -lxml
> Compiling produced the following error:
> gcc -bundle -flat_namespace -undefined suppress -L/sw/lib 
> -L/usr/local/lib -o XML.so DocParse.o EventParse.o ExpatParse.o 
> HTMLParse.o RSDTD.o RUtils.o Utils.o XMLEventParse.o XMLTree.o 
> -L/sw/lib -lxml -lz -lz  -lxml -lcc_dynamic
> ld: multiple definitions of symbol _xmlParserError
> Utils.o definition of _xmlParserError in section (__TEXT,__text)
> /sw/lib/libxml.dylib(error.lo) definition of _xmlParserError
> make: *** [XML.so] Error 1
> ERROR: compilation failed for package 'XML'
> I saw that back in September there was a discussion about fixing this 
> problem that involved passing -m to the linker.  My questions are (1) 
> what do I need to modify (given that I am using R INSTALL to keep 
> things simple for myself) to use the -Xlinker -m option when linking 
> XML.so and (2) does this actually work despite the fact that there are 
> then two definitions associated with the same symbol?  I guess a third 
> question follows from the second--are there other fixes that I can use 
> to build the package?
> Thanks in advance,
> Sean
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