(PR#4485) Re: [Rd] R-1.8.0 on Sparc Solaris 8, gcc3.2.1, bus error and core dump (PR#4485)

William Annis annis at biostat.wisc.edu
Thu Oct 9 15:02:23 MEST 2003

 >Please do pay attention to the documentation, as the INSTALL file asks!
 >You probably haven't read that either, so please note it says:

        Yikes.  Sorry.  R has been in the past one of the easiest
programs to install (and whoever thought up 'R INSTALL pkg.tar.gz'
should get an award) that I normally do no more than skim the INSTALL
file looking for peculiarities.

        I'll pay closer attention to that in future releases, and
sorry for the bother.

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