[Rd] R 1.8.0 Windows-source compilation-internet.Rout.save

Pfaff, Bernhard Bernhard.Pfaff at drkw.com
Fri Oct 10 12:09:50 MEST 2003

Let me firstly thank the R Core Team for their tremendous efforts in
providing R 1.8.0. My following comment should therefore be understood as an

I source compiled R 1.8.0 for windows with ATLAS (source compiled, too).
Everything works fine and R is running flawlessly! However, running "make
check" stops during processing "internet.R". I checked the
"internet.Rout.Save" and found the following two temptative "culprits":

> try(zz <- url("http://foo.bar", "r"))
unable to resolve 'foo.bar'.
Error in url("http://foo.bar", "r") : unable to open connection

and further down in the file:

> try(finger("root"))  ## only works if your site provides a finger daemon
Error in make.socket(host, port) : Socket not established

which stopped the "make check". Everything else was exectuted correctly in
the "internet.R" file. Because R 1.8.0 is running fine and no other
obstacles occured during compilation (recommended packages and all docs, as
well) I ignored this error.

Thks again for your tremendous efforts and provision of this release!


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