[Rd] R scripting patches for R-1.8.0

Duncan Temple Lang duncan at research.bell-labs.com
Thu Oct 16 23:05:29 MEST 2003

Peter Kleiweg wrote:
> # aldus Neil McKay :
> > I've updated my scripting patches to R-1.8.0. These patches
> > allow you to write shell scripts in R (at least on *nix systems)
> > by putting
> >
> > #!/path/to/R.bin --script
> >
> > on the first line of the script file. If you're interested
> I think this is very useful. Would the developpers consider
> including this feature into R?

Yes, indeed. And I have done some work.  The hesitation is that we are
also trying to integrate it with other ways of initializing R and
moving things to use more R code so that it is easier to
customize/extend.  And I feel it is better to get this right once
rather than shoving this in now on different platforms and making it
more difficult to do the general approach in the future.  Getting it
to behave on different platforms is time consuming and best done once.


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