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  I appreciate Brian and Martin's answers -- and I certainly don't spend 
as much time & energy maintaining and answering questions about R as they 
do -- *but* it does seem to me that it would make a number of new 
(switching) user's lives easier if there were a succinct list of these 
differences, with a disclaimer ...  I would be willing to maintain such a 
list, but since I don't ever use S-PLUS it would be a little bit hard ...


gives a few differences.

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>>>>> "Purvis" == Purvis Bedenbaugh <purvis at mbi.ufl.edu>
>>>>>     on Mon, 20 Oct 2003 08:03:13 -0400 writes:

    Purvis> Hello all - I've just recently been exploring R for
    Purvis> the first time. After noticing a few things that
    Purvis> have changed from S to R, I started looking for an
    Purvis> R-S compatibility table but didn't find it. Is such
    Purvis> a table out there ? Where ?

    Purvis> Thanks much,

    Purvis> Purvis Bedenbaugh purvis at mbi.ufl.edu

    Purvis> Examples:

    Purvis> 'stdev' is now 'sd' 

"now" is good.  sd() has been in R for about 7 years, whereas
stdev() was introduced into S+ only for version 6.x.. in about 2000.

    Purvis>  - is it exactly the same computation ?  

no, it isn't (in more than one sense)...

    Purvis> couldn't find a built-in for error.bar() 

"built-in" is not a good notion in any version of S, but much
less in R : R comes with 28 (standard + recommended) packages of
which only a few are attached by default, and CRAN has over 200
contributed packages; Bioconductor has another several dozen,
and there are more outside the official repositories above.
Several of the CRAN packages have  error.bar  incantations..

    Purvis> syntax that is an error in R: param(thisframe,"b") <- value

It's not a syntax error;  just, there's no  "param<-" function
in the currently attached R packages (and not in other R
packages I seem to have around)...

Prof. Brian Ripley has given you more hints already.

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