[Rd] texi2dvi and buildVignettes() on Windows

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Thu Oct 23 23:51:58 MEST 2003

Last time I tried texi2dvi did not work under the shell used under 

On Thu, 23 Oct 2003, Achim Zeileis wrote:

> I am currently writing a (private) package in which I produce pdf 
> files from within R using LaTeX. To do so I mainly copied some lines 
> from the buildVignettes() function in the tools package. This uses the 
> texi2dvi which is included in R's bin directory:
>   system(paste(file.path(R.home(), "bin", "texi2dvi"),
>                "--quiet --pdf", bft))
> This runs fine on Linux and I assumed that as it is included in 
> buildVignettes() it should also work on Windows (which is important 
> for me because I want to share the package with a couple of colleagues 
> working on Windows). But apparently, texi2dvi is not provided in the 
> Windows distribution of R.
> I already asked Duncan privately about this who kindly tried to run 
> buildVignettes() on the vignette in my lmtest package. He got the 
> results:
> <quote>
> I get the following:
> > buildVignettes('lmtest')
> Warning message: 
> F:\R\rw1080/bin/texi2dvi not found 
> The help for buildVignettes says it's an internal command; perhaps the
> thing that calls it has some workaround for Windows.  I only see it
> being called from src/scripts/build.in, which runs under Windows, but
> I can't see any attempt to work around this limitation, so maybe it's
> just not working.  
> </quote>
> So maybe I am missing something here (which is rather likely as I'm 
> not used to Windows at all...) but is it possible that 
> buildVignettes() does not work on Windows? If it has some workaround I 
> would be glad to learn how that works. Other suggestions on how to 
> compile LaTeX from within R in some (more or less) cross-platform way 
> are of course also very welcome.
> thanks in advance,
> Z
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