[Rd] data/ and data()

Paul Gilbert pgilbert at bank-banque-canada.ca
Fri Oct 24 15:52:45 MEST 2003

(Changed thread from  [Rd] Accessing data files w/ --use-zip-data.)

Prof Brian Ripley wrote:

> I have been proposing, and may implement as soon as 1.9.0, to process all
>the data directory at install time to .rda files in a database (details 
>depend on Luke's final choice of implementation)  which is load-on-demand 
>and perhaps unload if not currently used.  So it not a good idea to use 
>the data directory for files other than those to be accessed by data().
An issue related to data files that needs to be reconsidered (IMO) is 
the fact that data files cannot use functionality defined in the 
package, according to Writing R Extensions.

This is not too serious a problem with S3 classes, but to the limited 
extent that I understand S4 classes, I think this means that a package 
cannot have example data in a class stucture that is defined in the 
package. This will certainly hinder my ability to switch to S4 classes 
(assuming that I ever get the time to try it).

Paul Gilbert

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