[Rd] RAqua and AquaTclTk

Stefano Iacus jago at mclink.it
Thu Oct 30 12:14:18 MET 2003

While playing around with panther I discovered (with surprise) that 
tcltk seems to work (even if not smoothly) with RAqua without first 
calling tkStartGUI.

I switched back to 10.2.6 and it works as well.
I think this is due to the "last minute" fix in RAqua now using idle 
timers because of too much cpu usage.

Some "mouse" trick is needed though. If you want to test it you can 
just try


press return and wait for quartz device to show the density plot.
Then to interact with the widgets just click outside R (everywhere but 
not windows related to R) and click on the tk-window to activate it. 
Now you can interact with the widgets for "some time", which means that 
after a while you loose the control and you need to re-do the trick 
(click outside R and reactivate the tk window).

BTW, doing this (which is far from being even suboptimal) you loose 
RAqua menus.

I think RAqua menus should be reestablished if I force the redrawing 
after every activation of the RAqua Console window.
The other problem (loose of control of tk window) seems to come from 
the bliking cursor on the RAqua Console.

I'll try to change/fix the last two points in R-patched and update you 
on this history.

Of course if you have other ideas in the meanwhile let me know.


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