[Rd] binary packages for RAqua

Stefano Iacus jago at mclink.it
Fri Sep 5 00:38:17 MEST 2003

I have updated RAqua.pkg.sit on http://www.economia.unimi.it/R/
This version has one major improvement over the previouses: binary 
package installation.
I have produced a small set of binary package that you can try to work 
During the next week or so we will arrange to build Bioconductor 
releated packages as well (so this option is not functioning yet).

These packages are likely to work also for darwin R (not RAqua) but we 
will work on this too (for the time being you can try to copy 
browse.pkg() function from RAqua and adapt it). Of course, you need a 
setup not too different from what reported in the above URL.


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