[Rd] R 1.8.0 (to be) and RPy 0.3.1

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Sat Sep 13 15:57:30 MEST 2003

I look every now and then at RPy. It is not yet a Debian package as it
had the odd problem here or there -- initially an Atlas interaction,
currently something with long_jump() which cannot be found when R's dynamic
library is loaded. [1] It is called  R_eval.c:

/* Abort the current R computation and signal a KeyboardInterrupt
   exception */
void interrupt_R(int signum)
  interrupted = 1;
By commenting it out, the package builds and is usable (modulo the absence
of interrupt handling, I suppose).

Could someone give me a pointer or suggestion as to what the replacement for
jump_now() would be?

[1] See e.g. http://www.togaware.com/linux/survivor/Installing_RPy.html.

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