[Rd] R on BeOS

Ole Sieling sieling at uni-freiburg.de
Sun Sep 14 17:01:21 MEST 2003

I have compiled R-1.7.1 on Beos R5 (x86) and got it running.
The modules x11 and internet dont work (so the only working display is 
The libraries all compile, but there is a problem with methods.
I get the following error when i make methods:

dumping R code in package 'methods'
Error in .Call("R_initialize_methods_metadata", table, PACKAGE = 
"methods") :
        .Call function name not in load table
Execution halted 

The other big problem is that select() is not working on BeOS R5.
So on Rstd_ReadConsole() the if (FD_ISSET(fileno(stdin), what)) 
statement always fails.
I did FD_SET(fileno(stdin), what) manually to enable the console.
What other inputs exist that could have problems here ?
I only found fd_set used in the modules internet aqua and in tcltk and 
those all dont work on BeOS anyway.

I would like to test my build, but make check fails because of missing 
lapack and tests in /test fail because of missing

If anyone would like, i could give details on the other things i had to 
do to compile R on BeOS (only #undef, paths etc.).

Ole Sieling

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