[Rd] R CMD INSTALL is sensitive to trailing newlines in DESCRIPTION.in

Kurt Hornik Kurt.Hornik at wu-wien.ac.at
Sat Sep 20 14:12:54 MEST 2003

>>>>> Henrik Bengtsson writes:

> Hi, with R v1.7.1 (=I don't recall I saw it before) I noticed that R CMD
> INSTALL sometimes generates nonsense information, e.g. "Bundle: NA",
> even if there was a correct DESCRIPTION file too.  I turns out that it
> happens when a DESCRIPTION.in has empty lines at the end. I have
> observed this behavior on both Sun Solaris 9 and Windows XP Pro (but
> here I am using unsupported Cygwin w/ perl).

> Here is a reproducible example:

> ...

> Should I report this is as a bug?

No, as I am about to commit a fix to the Unix INSTALL script :-)

Windows maintainers: I suspect that src/gnuwin32/fixed/dobundle.pl needs
a similar change, perhaps something like

	next if (/^ *$/);

in the loop writing the DESCRIPTION file.


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