[Rd] R compiled under windows 64 bit???

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Wed Sep 24 11:51:20 MEST 2003

Alex Gracian wrote:

> Hi,
> Any plans to realse in Cran binaries for R base & packages, for Windows
> using 64bit, now that the AMD 64 is coming out?

No plans, AFAIK.
Are you volunteering to compile R base (there may be need for some 
adjustments in the code, as well as in the Makefiles) for CRAN?
The maintainer would need both, an AMD 64 machine, and a 64-bit Windows 
in order to compile.
I'm volunteering to make the packages, if you'll buy an AMD 64 machine + 
64-bit Windows for my office. ;-)

> It seems a perfect match for cost effective high performane number
> crunching??

I don't know whether it will be much faster to use the 64bit mode, 
because the internal structure of x86 processors for number crunching 
already has been 80 bit for floating point arithmetics. Additionally, 
you will need more RAM for the same problems which slows down some 
In principle, you can extend the 2GB limit of the R process, though.

Uwe Ligges

> Many thanks,
> Alex Gracian
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