[Rd] tkinsert (PR#4289)

Mark.Bravington at csiro.au Mark.Bravington at csiro.au
Thu Sep 25 08:17:39 MEST 2003

In R-1.7.1, I used to be able to append a character vector to a 'tklistbox' with e.g.

listio <- tklistbox( tktoplevel(), font='Courier', height=20, width=20, setgrid=TRUE)
tkinsert( listio, 'end', letters[1:3])
tkpack( listio,side='left', expand=TRUE, fill='both')

and three items would be added to 'listio'. This doesn't work in R-devel-- it looks as if only a single paste-collapsed item is added. This might even be intentional, but seems undesirable!

The old behaviour can be obtained by reproducing the R 1.7.1 instructions:

.Tcl( .Tcl.args( listio, 'insert', 'end', letters[1:3]))



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