[Rd] dump/source problem with hclust object (PR#4361)

Peter Kleiweg kleiweg at let.rug.nl
Tue Sep 30 21:56:39 MEST 2003

# aldus Liaw, Andy :

> ?dump says:
> Details:
>      At present the implementation of `dump' is very incomplete and it
>      really only works for functions and simple vectors.

I'm sorry, I overlooked that. If I remember correctly, `dump'
and `source' were already present in R version 1.2.0, the first
version I used, so I just guessed that any problems with it
should be solved by now.

>      [...]
>      The function `save' is designed to be used for transporting R data
>      between machines.

Are `save' and `load' meant as a replacement for `dump' and
`source'? What are the future plans with `dump' and `source',
and with `dput' and `dget'?

Peter Kleiweg

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