[Rd] make check failed with a minor error

Vadim Ogranovich vograno at evafunds.com
Fri Aug 20 19:50:37 CEST 2004

I am building R off the source file  "The latest release (2004-06-21):
R-1.9.1.tgz <http://cran.stat.ucla.edu/src/base/R-1.9.1.tgz>  " on RH
Linux 7.3. After the build the "make check" failed with an error which I
judge to be minor, but would like to hear from the experts in the field.
Is it harmeless? Can it indicate some problem with my computer setup
(not R)?
running code in 'd-p-q-r-tests.R' ... OK
comparing 'd-p-q-r-tests.Rout' to './d-p-q-r-tests.Rout.save' ...267c267
< df = 0.5[1] "Mean relative  difference: 5.001647e-10"
> df = 0.5[1] TRUE

Thanks a lot in advance,

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