[Rd] Problem loading library Matrix on Solaris machine

Gerrit Eichner Gerrit.Eichner at math.uni-giessen.de
Sat Aug 21 19:49:49 CEST 2004

Dear Prof. Ripley,

thank you for your offer for assistance. Here are some more details from
our sys admin (who sincerely thanks you for the hint to

--- the system administrator says: ---

Since we don't have a license for the cc compiler anymore I have to use
gcc. Trying to compile the Matrix package via the Makefile in Matrix/src
doesn't work as this uses the cc compiler and I don't know how to change
that in an appropriate way (there is no configure script for example).

As I don't really understand how R compiles downloaded packages and how
and where I could change the configuration for that, I tried the following
dirty hack:

- added '#define OSTYPE_solaris' in Matrix/src/taucs/taucs.h
- made a new tarball (Matrix_0.8-10.tar.gz) of the directory Matrix
- put PACKAGES and Matrix_0.8-10.tar.gz on my own website
- installed the changed package via
  > options(CRAN = 'http://my_own_website...')
  > install.packages("Matrix")

... which did the trick. But where should OSTYPE_solaris really be set?

--- end system administrator ---

I hope these informations can shed some light onto our problem and assist
you in tracking down the reason. Thanks again.

 Best regards  --  Gerrit Eichner

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