[Rd] x-table package

Claudio Lupi lupi.claudio at fastwebnet.it
Fri Jun 18 16:00:32 CEST 2004

 Dear Sirs,

 I would like to propose a (I believe) simple but useful enhancement to the xtable package.

 The latest version of the xtable package doesn't accept "H" as a 
 possible table.placement argument. Indeed, the "H" placement would be 
 very useful if one wanted to use the float latex package. I guess that 
 many users would be very happy of having this further possibility when 
 using xtable!
 Would it be possible to implement this change in a future version of  
 Thank you for your kind attention (and for having developed a very 
 useful package indeed!).

 Claudio Lupi

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