[Rd] Cannot Restore Workspace with R 1.9.1 (PR#7012)

stefan.albrecht at allianz.com stefan.albrecht at allianz.com
Wed Jun 23 10:28:38 CEST 2004

Full_Name: Stefan Albrecht
Version: 1.9.1
OS: Windows NT 4.0
Submission from: (NULL) (

Hi  all,

upgrading to R 1.9.1 I am no longer able to restore saved data in .RData with
after some involved data manipulations and calculations (fatal error!).
In addition I get the message
Error: object 'family' not found whilst loading namespace 'MASS'.

This problem does not occur with R 1.9.0 or if I just make some easier
calculations with R 1.9.1.

Is there any way to analyse the problem more closely and come around it?

Many thanks and best regards,


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