[Rd] Similar error as (PR#6958)

Peter Dalgaard p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Thu Jun 24 00:05:33 CEST 2004

b-h at mevik.net writes:

> With LC_COLLATE=3Dno_NO, ls will list the files in the order BIC.R
> mle.R  AAA.R, making the require(methods) in AAA.R come last instead
> of first in $${f}.  (In Norwegian, Aa is an old (but still often used in
> names) way of writing the letter =C5, and lately, ls(1) has become
> "intelligent" enough to sort them together, at the end of the
> alphabet.)

Oh great... Same thing in da_DK actually, and for the same reason
(witness my surname).
> Instead of relying on getting LC_COLLATE correct all places where that
> is needed, perhaps one could use something like 111.R instead of AAA.R
> (what to use instead of zzz.R I don't know).  Or perhaps use a
> mechanism not based on sorting to ensure a file is read first or last?

The cynic will say that some locale will probably have the idea of
sorting numerals after letters. Anyways, the right way of fixing it is
to prefix all those ls-constructs with LC_COLLATE=C, which really
isn't harder to enforce than any naming convention.

BTW, we just had two weeks of alpha and beta releases in which to
find this sort of stuff, you know....

BTW2, what happened to your mail? Been a while since I saw
quoted-unreadable damage like that.

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