[Rd] news file included in source but not binary package

Chris Jackson chris.jackson at imperial.ac.uk
Fri Jun 25 10:33:17 CEST 2004

Liaw, Andy wrote:
>> From: Friedrich Leisch
>> Question: I am aware of files calles NEWS and ChangeLog (or CHANGELOG,
>> etc.) holding the relevant information ... are there any others we
>> want/need to respect?
> Yes, I do recall the thread that Greg started.  This is sort of trying to
> get it going again...  Could we just settle on a standard name and be done
> with it?  Since base R uses NEWS, why not just use that for all packages,
> and use NEWS.platform as Duncan suggested (in the top-level directory,
> rather than platform-specific directories)?

For what it's worth, my package uses the file NEWS to summarise
the visible changes to the package user.  ChangeLog details
the exact changes in the internal code, in a standard(ish) format with 
each change labelled by date and contributor.   This seems to be a GNU 
convention.  Then NEWS gets put in inst/ so binary package users can see 
it, while ChangeLog stays in the top of the source package as it's only 
of interest to developers.


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