[Rd] R search engine broken (PR#6653)

stephane.gourichon at lip6.fr stephane.gourichon at lip6.fr
Mon Mar 8 13:58:40 MET 2004

Full_Name: Stéphane Gourichon
Version: R 1.7.1 (2003-06-16).
OS: GNU/Linux
Submission from: (NULL) (

The HTML help is great. But the search engine is broken.
It used to work in Galeon 1.x, not Konqueror 3.0 .

Now it doesn't work, neither on Mozilla 1.6 / Firebird 0.6 / Firefox 0.8 nor
Konqueror 3.2 which are IMHO the latest versions of those advanced,
standard-compliant browsers.

Sorry I don't know a lot of JavaScript. I don't know quite if this is a security
feature that prevents it from working, or the use of non-standard JavaScript
features, or maybe a broken script that happens to work by accident on some

Anyway, I can use help.search() and I do. But I think R deserves a working
good-looking search engine. So I write this bug report to suggest investigating
about it.

Have you considered an on-line, server-based search engine ? This would
definitely solve the problem, (at least for thse who have Internet access).

Thanks a lot.

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