[Rd] VIRUS RE: Re: Your text

mailadm at agric.nsw.gov.au mailadm at agric.nsw.gov.au
Fri Mar 12 06:07:58 MET 2004

Please DO NOT reply to this message.

Your e-mail addressed to: "bob.kilgour at agric.nsw.gov.au"
with subject "Re: Your text" 
has been discarded because a virus was detected in the message
by the virus scanner on NSW Agriculture's eMail gateway.
The message was processed at 4:07:58 PM (local time, GMT+10) on 12/03/2004.

It is possible that the message was forged using your
eMail address in the sender field. In this case please ignore
this message and do nothing.

If the message is genuine and you know the recipient,
please remove all viruses from the message and attachments
then resend the message.

mailadm at agric.nsw.gov.au

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