[Rd] unit testing framework for R?

Tony Plate tplate at blackmesacapital.com
Wed Mar 17 19:53:56 MET 2004

Packages can have a 'tests' directory, which can contain foo.R and 
foo.Rout.save files.  When packages are built (or checked) the output from 
running R with the commands in foo.R is compared with foo.Rout.save, and 
differences are reported.

The "Writing R Extensions" manual discusses this a little.  It suggests: 
"Use R CMD check --help (Rcmd check --help on Windows) to obtain more 
information about the usage of the R package checker. A subset of the 
checking steps can be selected by adding flags."

I've considered looking at several enhancements of the testing features: 
(1) automatically construct foo.R from foo.Rout.save (easy if the file only 
contains simple commands issued at the standard prompt); (2) allow 
specification of which test files to run; and (3) print summaries of test 
successes and failures at the end of running the selected tests.  Is there 
any wider interest in such features?

-- Tony Plate

At Wednesday 11:11 AM 3/17/2004, Paul Shannon wrote:
>In a quick search of the R website just now, I found no mention of
>a unit testing framework for R.  I hope to find something
>in the style of Java's JUnit, or Python's unittest.  Is such a
>thing available?
>   - Paul Shannon
>     Institute for Systems Biology
>     Seattle
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