[Rd] windows(record=T) loses last plot (PR#3663)

arnima at u.washington.edu arnima at u.washington.edu
Sun May 9 00:30:14 CEST 2004

The audit trail indicates that PR#3663 is not reproducible and/or fixed,
but I believe windows(record=T) is still not working as documented:

 for(i in 1:5) plot(0, 0, cex=4, pch=as.character(i))

After cycling through the plots with PgUp and PgDn, the user finds out
that plot 5 is lost. Indeed,


reports that only 4 plots were saved. I'm running the example in a fresh R
session, after rm(list=ls(all=T)), quitting, and restarting. I have
reproduced this bug on two machines, one with a fresh R installation.


OS:       Windows XP
R:        1.9.0
graphics: 1.9.0

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