[Rd] bad interaction between RandomFields 1.1.11 and Sweave

Ben Bolker bolker at zoo.ufl.edu
Tue May 11 22:25:39 CEST 2004

  Not really a bug (I eventually discovered), but ...
  When running GaussRF()/DoSimulateRF() with n>1, the default pch="!" 
prints backspaces to the terminal, which causes problems (LaTeX barfs) if 
you're running this within an Sweave() job.  Setting RFparameters(pch="") 
fixes the problem.  
   Could put this in the documentation, but I don't know where you could 
put it that it would attract attention -- wouldn't have occurred to me to 
look at RFparameters before poking through the code to see where the ^H 
was coming from.
  I was going to suggest testing interactive() to see if the code was 
running in batch mode or not, but I just tried that with Sweave() and it 
thinks that interactive() is TRUE when running Sweave.  Oh well.  
Any one else have a solution?

  Ben Bolker

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