[Rd] stdout == 'Terminal' or 'File' {was 'bad interaction ...'}

Friedrich.Leisch at ci.tuwien.ac.at Friedrich.Leisch at ci.tuwien.ac.at
Wed May 12 11:36:58 CEST 2004

>>>>> On Wed, 12 May 2004 11:23:56 +0200,
>>>>> Martin Maechler (MM) wrote:

  > and maybe we (R developers) should also consider setting some of
  > these (e.g. STERM = "Rgui" in that case) -- at least when the
  > info is available (and somewhat reliable) and even better think
  > about what else (better) could be done, working with  options()
  > settings as a workaround for this problem.


  > Also (for the original topic), maybe  Sweave() could set
  > options(STERM = 'Sweave')

fine with me, but ...

  > if options(STERM = 'BATCH) is not good
  > enough.  Then, code like Martin Schlather's use
  >       switch(getOption("STERM"), 
  >              "BATCH" =  { .........},
  > 	     ....
  > 	     )

... for applications like this we might want to keep the list of
possible "terminals" as short as possible (and of course as long as
necessary), so we should come up with a list of possible typoes and
then try to set the option wherever necessary.


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