[Rd] Several libraries won't load with (PR#6927)

rmh at temple.edu rmh at temple.edu
Mon May 31 17:34:12 CEST 2004

Thank you both.

1. It looks like part of the problem is indeed that the packages in the
patched version for Windows aren't coordinated with the libraries.

library(MASS)  ## works

library(MASS)  ## doesn't work
library(MASS, lib.loc="c:/progra~1/R/rw1090/library")  ## works

2. This doesn't explain why the freshly downloaded Hmisc and multcomp
packages didn't load.  I now think that is due to a documentation
problem.  I am using Windows.  All the documentation for installing
packages is Unix-centric.  Your emails were also Unix-centric.

After wandering through documentation I initially unzipped the
downloaded files, for example,
    Windows binary: Hmisc_2.0-9.zip
into the rw1090pat/library.  This unpacked correctly but did not load.

After your emails, I tried Rgui and found the "Packages/Install
package(s) from local zip files..." menu item.  I did this and now it
works.  The unzipped files in library/Hmisc/* are identical when I did
a manual unzip and when I did the menu installation.

Suggestion: please add a paragraph to the top of the Contributed Packages
page that says, "Windows users---including ESS Windows users---should install
the downloaded zip file with the Packages menu item from Rgui".

3. Martin's comment
   > Are you running another version of R simultaneously? 
   > IIRC, Windoze has the nice feature to sometimes lock files when 
   > it shouldn't.   
isn't the problem.  I have two Rgui and one iESS [R] running and all three
have loaded the Hmisc and multcomp packages.


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