[Rd] checking for _non-existing_ documentation entries.

Mark.Bravington at csiro.au Mark.Bravington at csiro.au
Fri Sep 17 01:07:51 CEST 2004

Wolski wrote:
#I knew about prompt and promptMethods promptClass. They are 
#extremely useful if you are starting to write a package. But 
#what with existing packages that have to be rewritten?
#Having code and documentation in one place would be a great 
#help. Has anyone a tool which is able to generate from 
#appropriately commented R-code files (e.g. <<example>>= 
#-example section) Rd files:
#e.g. a noweb lit-prog file or patched version of Doxygen?

Yes, there is such a tool-- or something close to it, anyway. My 'mvbutils' package lets you keep documentation in the same source "file" as the the function definition, appended at the end. Usually, when I am developing a function I start by writing informal documentation (which still displays with "?" but isn't an Rd file). Eventually I convert the documentation into a plain-text format close to the pager representation of R help files; this format can be converted into a .Rd file using my 'doc2Rd' function. Once I am close to having a whole package ready, I use the 'formalize.package' function to set up the a whole package; it creates the skeleton and the .R source file, and all the .Rd files via 'doc2Rd', ready for RCMD.

For more details, have a look at README.mvbutils()

Hope this helps



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