[Rd] R-2.0.0 Install problem for package bundle with inter-dependent n amespaces

Warnes, Gregory R gregory_r_warnes at groton.pfizer.com
Fri Sep 17 20:18:29 CEST 2004

I have a revised version of the gregmisc package, which I've converted into
a package bundle each of which has a namespace:  gplots,  gmodels, gdata,
gtoools.  Of course, there are interdependencies among these namespaces:

	gsun374: /tmp [11]> cd gregmisc/
	gsun374: gregmisc [12]> grep import */NAMESPACE
	gdata/NAMESPACE:importFrom(gtools, odd, invalid, mixedsort)
	gmodels/NAMESPACE:importFrom(MASS, ginv)
	gplots/NAMESPACE:importFrom(gtools, invalid)
	gplots/NAMESPACE:importFrom(gtools, odd)
	gplots/NAMESPACE:importFrom(gdata, nobs)

Under R-1.9.1, this package bundle passes R CMD check and installs happily.
However, under yesterday's R-2.0.0-alpha, the package fails to install (&
hence pass CMD CHECK) with the error 

	** preparing package for lazy loading
	Error in loadNamespace(i[[1]], c(lib.loc, .libPaths()), keep.source)
	        There is no package called 'gdata'
	Execution halted
	ERROR: lazy loading failed for package 'gplots'

because the gdata package is the last in the bundle to be installed, so it
is not yet present.

So, what is the proper way to handle this?  Is there some way to manually
specify the package install order?

Gregory R. Warnes
Manager, Non-Clinical Statistics
Pfizer Global Research and Development

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