[Rd] Covergence FLAG in glm (PR#7235)

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Sat Sep 18 16:53:38 CEST 2004

daniel.jeske at ucr.edu wrote:

> Full_Name: Daniel R Jeske
> Version: 1.8.1
> OS: Windows 2000
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> We have just noticed that when you use glm() it seems the logical
> output 'converged' is always TRUE.  The same data set that shows
> FALSE in version 1.7.1 shows TRUE in 1.8.1.  And I know that FALSE
> is the correct answer...so it seems like we cannot trust the 'converged'
> flag for glm() in version 1.8.1 ?????

Please try again with a recent alpha version of R-2.0.0 (R-1.8.1 is 
quite outdated).
If it still happens, please specify a reproducible example and explain 
why converged=FALSE is expected.

Uwe Ligges

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