[Rd] doc error for .First.lib

Kjetil Brinchmann Halvorsen kjetil at acelerate.com
Sun Sep 19 04:58:39 CEST 2004

The help page of .First.lib in rw2000dev, downloaded a few hours ago, 

Packages that require other packages:

     The source code for a package that requires one or more other
     packages should have a call to 'require', preferably near the
     beginning of the source, and of course before any code that uses
     functions, classes or methods from the other package.  The default
     for argument 'save' will save the names of all required packages
     in the environment of the new package.  The saved package names
     are used by 'detach' when a package is detached to warn if other
     packages still require the detached package.  Also, if a package
     is installed with saved image (see INSTALL), the saved package
     names are used to require these packages when the new package is

which is contradicted, by the information on the page

which bans require etc.



Kjetil Halvorsen.

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